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The King of Chess Online!

Welcome to KingChess, your royal chess online portal. Now make the right move! Play at the large community for online Chess: King Chess.

KingChess is online chess - just as it is fun: find your opponent, invite to a game, play whenever and wherever you want. Announced games, tournaments, charity games. With your friends, partners of choice - with everybody that is just as enthusiastic about chess as you are. Already over 500 players are joining the game. We are looking forward to seeing you! KingChess: this is how to play chess online today.

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We invite you to get to know about the new KingChess. Join a short introductory tour, discover how varied, exciting and challenging our online chess portal is – no matter if you are an amateur, achiever, expert or professional. Decide on the king of online chess, too!

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